Vol 17, No 4 (2012)

October-December Special issue

Table of Contents

Letter to the Editor

Rehabilitation of Children with Cerebral Palsy PDF
Milivoj Veličković Perat
Evaluation measures for children with cerebral palsy PDF
Katja Groleger Sršen
Epilepsy in children with cerebral palsy PDF
Maja Jekovec- Vrhovsek
Speech and communication in cerebral palsy PDF
Lindsay Pennington
Visual disorders in children with cerebral palsy: the implications for rehabilitation programs and school work PDF
Gordon N. Dutton, Julie Calvert, Deborah Cockburn, Hussein Ibrahim, Catriona Macintyre-Beon
Dysphagia in cerebral palsy PDF
Annamaria Salghetti, Andrea Martinuzzi
Assistive technology for people with cerebral palsy PDF
Anton Zupan, Mojca Jenko
From activity to participation – occupational therapy intervention for CP children PDF
Zdenka pihlar
What is cerebral palsy - new advances in treatment of cerebral palsy? PDF
Milivoj Veličković Perat
Psychological factors in children with cerebral palsy and their families PDF
Svetlana Logar
School process role for children with cerebral palsy PDF
Erna Žgur

ISSN: 1339-3886