Platelet dysfunction and gross bleeding associated with uremia

Ugur Goktas, Nureddin Yuzkat, Yasemin Isik, M. Bilal Cegin, Onur Palabiyik, Ismail Kati
1.862 526


Introduction: Patients with chronic kidney disease are prone to bleeding due to the platelet dysfunction caused by uraemia. Therefore, the mortality and morbidity in patients with chronic kidney disease increase.

Case report:  The 81-year-old female patient, in dialysis dependent CKD, had an emergency cholecystitis operation with uremia-induced platelet dysfunction has evolved. Patient with gross bleeding İntraoperatively had an cardiac arrest during operation. After cardiopulmoner resusitation  cardiac inpulses were started and  patient was taken into intensive care unit. After the administration of estrogen and Factor VIII Inhibitor Bypass Activity treatment for the  bleeding diathesis, bleeding has reduced and  after 6 days from the operation  patient was externed to his service.

Conclusion, the chronic kidney disease may lead to hemorrhagic diathesis and unexpected abundant bleeding by creating a platelet dysfunction. Such being the case, the utilization of desmopressin and Factor VIII concentrate during the treatment is an efficient treatment option.

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