Aggressive Ovarian Adenosarcoma With High Grade Sarcomatous and Chondrosarcoma Components In a Young Patient

Nermin Koç, Selçuk Ayas, Lutfiye Uygur, Hülya Yavuz
4.754 538


Mullerian adenosarcoma (MA) was first defined as a special malignancy of the uterin corpus in 1974. Although a few hundred of cases were reported about adenosarcomas at uterin corpus; extrauterin adenosarcomas (EMA) are very rare cases. Thus, clinic and pathologic knowledge about extrauterin adenosarcomas are limited.

This case report represents an ovarian mesodermal (mullerian) adenosarcoma which contains high grade sarcomatous components dominantly along with chondrosarcoma components and very limited classical adenosarcoma areas in a 25 year-old female. To our knowledge, this is the first case report in the literature which reports the combination of features as diffuse presentation of sarcomatous overgrowth (SO) areas, scarcity of classical adenosarcoma areas, existence of chondrosarcoma areas in such a young patient.

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