Pediatric Paraspinal Penetrating Sewing Needle

İsmail Demir, nejmi Kıymaz, Burhan Oral Güdü, Abdulbaki Kozan, Abdulsemat Gökalp
1.691 439


Pediatric spinal injuries are very rare conditions and account for 1%-10% of all spinal injuries Domestic accidents, such as falling and bumping, are frequent events during childhood.In this study, a 1-year-old boy who was under treatment due to a penetrating trauma at the posterior thoracolumbar intersection is presented. The patient was referred to our clinic after a needle became impaled into his back due to an accident that occurred at home. The patient’s neurologic assessment was normal. A radiologic study of the patient showed the presence of a metallic foreign object, extending into the paravertebral muscle on the left side of the T12-L1 intersection. The needle was removed promptly after an emergent surgical procedure. No any complications were present during the follow-up visit after 1 month. Emergent surgical intervention is necessary in paraspinal and spinal penetrating traumas.

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