Primary aneurysm of the greater saphenous vein: Case report and literature review

Hasan Ekim, Halil Başel, Dolunay Odabaşı, Süleyman Özen
861 413


Abstract. Primary venous aneurysm is a rare vascular abnormality that can occur throughout the venous system. We report a proximal greater saphenous vein aneurysm in a twenty one-year old male. A venous duplex ultrasonographic examination showed a fusiform venous aneurysm (5 cm in diameter) of the proximal greater saphenous vein containing occluding thrombus adherent to its wall and extending to saphenofemoral junction. Operation was performed due to apparent symptoms and the potential risk for thromboembolic complications. Aneurysm was exposed through a vertical left femoral incision. It was totally filled with thrombi. Histopathological examination of the aneurysmal wall demonstrated fibrocellular thickening with irregular vascular proliferation with multiple reduplications of internal elastic lamina.  Because of the risk of thromboembolism, saphenous vein aneurysm containing occluding thrombus extending to saphenofemoral junction should be treated surgically.

Key words: Greater saphenous vein, venous aneurysm

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